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From: "Robert Bresner" <rbresner at olf dot com>
Subject: ct_init() error, looking for ctlib.loc
Date: May 17 1999 7:54PM

Hi there...

Open Client Message:
Message number: LAYER = (1) ORIGIN = (1) SEVERITY = (4) NUMBER = (118)
Message String: ct_init(): Unable to find file
Sybase::CTlib initialize: ct_init() failed at
/usr/local/lib/perl5/sun4-solaris-ultra/5.00404/ line 185.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./ line 10.

Line 10: use Sybase::CTlib;

I get this error message trying to run a perl script using
The real problem line, here, is this:
  Message String: ct_init(): Unable to find file
The path leading to the ctlib.loc file is incorrect. And Asking around
I keep hearing that if I set some environment variable, then CTlib will
get the path
to the file from the environment variable. But no one can tell me
what that variable should be, or even if that's the problem..
So, I turn to the experts. 

I'm running Perl 5.004_04 on Solaris 2.5 
Sybase 11.1.1
# @(#)	1.26	12/30/97

If it makes any difference, I have several Sybase::Sybperl 
scripts that run just fine. 

Thanks in advance for any clues

Robert Bresner
Open Link Financial    516-227-6600 x216    fax: 516-227-1799
Opinions expressed are explicitly my own
"No more talking!  Cerebus has a SWORD!"