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From: Zion_Huang at focusppo dot com
Subject: SUMMARY:Need Help on Installation
Date: May 10 1999 5:41PM

First of all, Many thanks to Michael's help.

I have resolved my sybperl installation problem with Linux.

The trick is to make sure the Perl build does not include -ldb and -lndbm.
A quick way to check out is to issue perl -V:libs to see the your current
Perl libs setup including these or not.
Most of the per-compiled Perl do include -ldb and sybperl v2 will not work
with sybperl.

At least this seems to be the case for Linux as well as for Solaris 2.6.
(If your experience is otherwise, please make your comment to the list to

Originally, I thought -ldb and -lndbm just Linux specific issue, but my
experience seemed to tell me not so.

Perl  built with Threading is also a potential problem with Sybperl, so
recommend not to use thread when building the Perl which will be used with

I am testing my installation procedures on the second Solaris box, if I
have found the correct steps to get them working, I may post a summary on
this list as well for future users' reference.

Zion Huang

Michael Peppler  on 05/07/99 06:34:07 PM

Please respond to

To:   SybPerl Discussion List 
cc:    (bcc: Zion Huang/Brntwood/Focus/Concentra)
Subject:  Re: Need Help on Installation writes:
 > Hello Michael:
 > Thanks for your timly reply.
 > Yes, I have visited your home page and read all the FAQs.  I guess
 > like me just need to spend more time to struggle in order to learn which
 > do not mind at all.
 > Here is what I have tried.
 > I have realized the linux box's perl has problem with the ldb and lndbm
 > staff.
 > I have picked another server which is solaris 2.6 with Perl 5.005.02.
 > Here is the perl -V:libs said about this perl build:
 > # perl -V:libs
 > libs='-lsocket -lnsl -ldl -lm -lposix4 -lpthread -lc -lcrypt';
 > #
 > Perl Make.PL works fine.
 > # perl Makefile.PL
 > Writing Makefile for Sybase::BCP
 > Writing Makefile for Sybase::CTlib
 > Writing Makefile for Sybase::DBlib
 > Writing Makefile for Sybase::Sybperl
 > Writing Makefile for Sybase
 > But Make fail with error 255.

Looks like the perl installation there may also be broken. In any
case, the thread version of perl in 5.005_02 isn't very solid...

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