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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: Need Help on Installation
Date: May 7 1999 11:34PM writes:
 > Hello Michael:
 > Thanks for your timly reply.
 > Yes, I have visited your home page and read all the FAQs.  I guess beginner
 > like me just need to spend more time to struggle in order to learn which I
 > do not mind at all.
 > Here is what I have tried.
 > I have realized the linux box's perl has problem with the ldb and lndbm
 > staff.
 > I have picked another server which is solaris 2.6 with Perl 5.005.02.
 > Here is the perl -V:libs said about this perl build:
 > # perl -V:libs
 > libs='-lsocket -lnsl -ldl -lm -lposix4 -lpthread -lc -lcrypt';
 > #
 > Perl Make.PL works fine.
 > # perl Makefile.PL
 > Writing Makefile for Sybase::BCP
 > Writing Makefile for Sybase::CTlib
 > Writing Makefile for Sybase::DBlib
 > Writing Makefile for Sybase::Sybperl
 > Writing Makefile for Sybase
 > But Make fail with error 255.

Looks like the perl installation there may also be broken. In any
case, the thread version of perl in 5.005_02 isn't very solid...

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