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From: Craig Jackson <CRAIGJ at epub dot med dot iacnet dot com>
Subject: Re: "use" Sybase command with CTlib
Date: May 8 1999 12:18AM wrote:
>On Fri, 7 May 1999 wrote:

>>      $dbh->ct_sql("use $dbname");
>>>   $dbh->dbuse($dbname);

>I've wondered how these functions work under the hood.  The second dbuse()
>style syntax seems preferable, since you might expect that the database
>change is made in some binary, faster way than the first, which needs to
>parse a string.

>Or does the dblib dbuse just end up sending a "use dbname" string to the
>db for interpretation?

>I guess my real question is what sort of communication does ct/dblib have
>with the server that isn't strings of T/SQL?

The one time I looked into this, I figured out that 'dbuse("dbname")' did
essentially a "use dbname" command, with a little extra message processing to
field the "database is now dbname" message that comes back.

Craig Jackson
Electronic Publishing,
Information Access Company