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From: "WORENKLEIN, David, GCM" <David dot Worenklein at gcm dot com>
Subject: RE: Trying to customize error logs...
Date: Apr 29 1999 11:31PM

You have to install an error and/or message handler with dberrhandle and

-----Original Message-----
From: David Hajoglou []
Sent: Thursday, April 29, 1999 6:29 PM
To: SybPerl Discussion List
Subject: Trying to customize error logs...

To list (but probably to Michael),

The below error is a normal error when a user/pass combo is incorect for
our server.  The code to connect is:
$dbh = Sybase::DBlib->dblogin($user,$pass,'IRELAND',"$$");

I have been digging through the file to find the logging routine.
However, I cannot seem to find the one generating this message.  Is DBlib
writing this to the error log, or is apache, or what?  I want to know so I
can hack the code with my custom message.

This is not a big deal.  I just want to reduce the amt of stuff going to
my error logs.

[Thu Apr 29 16:20:49 1999] [info] [client] Connection by 
Msg 4002, Level 14, State 1
Server 'Microsoft SQL Server',
         Login failed
DB-Library error:
        Login incorrect.