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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Speed up sybperl queries
Date: Apr 26 1999 5:32PM

Humberto Hernandez writes:
 > The following  is an example of the code we are writting, please forgive any
 > mistakes since I am writting it for the purpose of explaining and I don't
 > have sybperl with me to test it.

 > The problem with this aproach is that we loose a lot of clarity in the code,
 > and you cannot run two instances of the program at the same time. I am
 > requesting your help to improve on the technique so we and others can make
 > extensive use of it.

To allow concurrent access, you could create the procs with unique
names. Just make sure you drop them when the program exits.

However, you would be better off if you identified the queries you
need to make, and created real procs for these queries, instead of
creating ad-hoc procs on the fly...

David W.'s idea of creating temp tables with the subset of data that
you are interested in is also valid.

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