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From: David Hajoglou <hojo at greenland dot i-tel dot com>
Subject: Re: Default Port for MS SQL
Date: Apr 21 1999 8:32PM

We use MS SQL server and we point to the 1433 port.  So, I am guessing
that 1433 is standard.


On Wed, 21 Apr 1999, Kevin Hadlock wrote:

> What port does MS SQL listen to by default.  I did a search
> for it and was returned below, but was unable to retrieve
> the information.
> ListProc-WWW: Archives for SYBPERL-L  
> For help, please send e-mail to Subject:
> Re: default port for MS-SQL server From: Joseph Essas
>  It's 1433 Joseph Essas
> Michael Peppler wrote: > Sorry to ask a somewhat off-topic
> question... but does > someone know what the default tcp/ip
> port that MS-SQL server uses? > > (ie what I need to put in
> the interfaces file on the... 
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