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From: "Robert Bresner" <rbresner at olf dot com>
Subject: Sybperl vs. DBI
Date: Apr 19 1999 7:16PM

Oh, hi!

So, I've been using Sybperl and Oraperl for a long while now, and 
every now and again I'll have a simple question which I usually take 
to the Perl gurus living on IRC. And inevitably when I mention I'm
using Sybperl, I receive a barrage of "Use DBI!" 

In my case, I'm actually using Sybperl and Oraperl (at the same
time, in some cases). One example, I have a program which extracts
schema/data from a Sybase database (a la Sybperl), does some very
simple conversion, and recreates the schema and adds the data to
an Oracle database (a la Oraperl). 

Would such a utility be so much easier, and would it have the precision
I desire, if I would have written it with DBI ? 

I'm simply curious here, not trying to start a religious war or
but which is better: Syb-/Ora- perl or DBI/DBD

Let the debate begin :-)

Robert Bresner
Open Link Financial    516-227-6600 x216    fax: 516-227-1799
Opinions expressed are explicitly my own
"No more talking!  Cerebus has a SWORD!"