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From: "Peter Collard" <collardp at rabo-bank dot com>
Subject: RE: sybperl vs. isql
Date: Apr 19 1999 9:57AM

You are then open to the vagaries of isql - your have to process 
headers/footers, and the data comes across as formatted text, not to 
mention the inefficiency of isql in doing that formatting (unless its 
improved recently).

I havent seen a cleaner interface than the 'ct_sql' command - its brilliant 
and avoids all the coding.

Peter Collard (x3863)
Senior Sybase DBA
Rabobank UK

The views expressed in this correspondence are those of the author and do 
not necessarily represent those of Rabobank International

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent:	Friday, 16 April 1999 16:01
To:	SybPerl Discussion List
Subject:	sybperl vs. isql

Something has been bothering me, so I thought I would share it.

I am (I believe) a competent Perl programmer and would use Perl for all of
my scripting needs if I could. I have used sybperl (and its derivatives)
successfully but I can't help wondering why. Wouldn't opening an isql
filehandle be just as good? Can anybody argue successfully for my continued
used of sybperl?


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