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From: Dan Melomedman <dmelomed at pppl dot gov>
Subject: MS SQL 7 problem
Date: Apr 16 1999 8:28PM

Hi there. I am new on this list. The reason why I am on this list is
primarily because I am planning to do some sybperl programming, but
before that there's a problem. When trying to establish a connection to
a MS SQL server, using sybperl, I get an error message from the
DB library: Unexpected EOF from SQL Server
(offline mode: enter name=value pairs on standard input). It would be OK
if MS SQL was not compatible with Sybase Open Client. But both use
Sybase's DB-Library which is the same for both, and sybase's examples
work fine with MS SQL 7.0. Login works in C examples, and they do get
data from the server. In fact I believe isql worked fine with
MS SQL Server till the 6.5 version, then it's the same story: Unexpected
EOF from SQL Server. Same error from SQSH. If anyone has a workaround
for this, or knows how to solve this for Sybperl and SQSH, please,
please let me know. MS SQL 7.0 documentation and Sybase's documentation
does not seem to differ (dbopen()/dblogin()/dbproc(), LOGINREC structure
and DBL routines are the same, still there's a bug somewhere :().

Thank you very much.