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From: "Ellery, Michael BGI SF" <Michael dot Ellery at barclaysglobal dot com>
Subject: RE: sybperl vs. isql
Date: Apr 16 1999 3:35PM

For one thing -  you are going to have to do a lot of parsing of the stuff
that is coming down the pipe if you just open a pipe to ISQL, whereas the
Sybase package eliminates any parsing since it returns results into standard
Perl data structures ($scalars, @arrays or %hashes).  Basically it handles
all of the complexity of the interface and just gives you back what you
want.  What's not to like about that? -- seems much easier than dealing with
a stream of data from ISQL.

Of course, there are Bigger Issues having to do with software re-use and all
that good stuff,  but that gets somewhat philosophical....

Michael Ellery
Barclays Global Investors
45 Fremont St., 6th Floor #102
San Francisco, CA  94105
(415) 908-7234 [PH],  (415) 597-2352 [FAX]

> -----Original Message-----
> From: []
> Sent:	Friday, April 16, 1999 8:01 AM
> To:	SybPerl Discussion List
> Subject:	sybperl vs. isql
> Something has been bothering me, so I thought I would share it. 
> I am (I believe) a competent Perl programmer and would use Perl for all of
> my scripting needs if I could. I have used sybperl (and its derivatives)
> successfully but I can't help wondering why. Wouldn't opening an isql
> filehandle be just as good? Can anybody argue successfully for my
> continued
> used of sybperl? 
> Cheers
> Adam
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