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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Sybase on NT
Date: Apr 13 1999 11:12AM

Efka writes:
 >         Hello,
 >     I am absolutely new in SybPerl, so I want to ask some questions:
 >     1.My Sybase(anywhere) on WinNt Server, I want to take information from
 > it, and to send to my homepage. The problam is, that I don't understand is
 > it probably for SybPerl for working with my WinNt server?

SQL Anywhere by default uses an ODBC driver for it's interface, rather 
than the Sybase DBlibrary or CTlibrary. It is possible to access SQL
Anywhere with the DBlib or CTlib APIs but that requires setting up the 
appropriate gataway. If you are using this on NT only you may want to
look at the DBI and DBD::ODBC modules.

 >     2. What I need: SybPerl for WinNt, or for Unix?

Sybperl works on WinNT and Unix.

 >     3. SybPerl is a program, or a driver?

Sybperl is an extension to the perl programing language, and gives
access to the Sybase DBlibrary and/or Client Library APIs.

 >     4. How I can to contact with my server, which has the IP address?

I'm not sure. This is *probably* an ODBC issue.

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