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From: David Hajoglou <hojo at greenland dot i-tel dot com>
Subject: Re: Destroying.
Date: Apr 8 1999 10:00PM

I thought that my variables would act that way.  We are using Sybase to
connect to a SQL server (something we are trying to change).  Every now
and then we are getting errors of exceeding out user limmit.  Perhaps the
handle is being properly destryed, byt the server doesn't catch it and
still thinks a connection is there.  Have you encountered this at all?


On Thu, 8 Apr 1999, Michael Peppler wrote:

> David Hajoglou writes:
>  > After much toil over persistant connections, we decided against them for
>  > several reasons.  So, now we do per script connection/disconnection.  if I
>  > make a var $d the database handle, is this a good or bad way to disconnect
>  > the handle:
> You use apache & modperl, correct?
> Normally the my'd variable should be destroyed when the script exits,
> but if this doesn't seem to be the case you can wrap your code in a
> block {} or in a sub and the handle will automatically be destroyed
> when it goes out of scope. You can verify this by setting the
> Sybase::DBlib::debug() value to TRACE_DESTROY.
> Michael 
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