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From: jjgmeinder at dodge dot ra dot rockwell dot com
Subject: out of memory
Date: Mar 31 1999 9:30PM

I am attempting to do a cross database join using 2 connections in my perl
script.  I am running out of memory IF I do the inner while loop - that is the
lookup to the 2nd database.  If I just comment out the inner while loop I do not
leak memory.

HPUX 11.0, perl 5.004_04, sybperl 2.09_05

I use glance to watch the memory usage increasing for the process.  At 512meg it
blows up with "out of memory" message.  Again, if I comment out the inner while
loop (the second connection) my memory usage stays constant until all 4million
rows are returned.

Any ideas?  Do I need to setup the 2nd connection differently?

john g.

here is my gutted script:
$dbh = Sybase::CTlib->ct_connect($uid, $pwd, $srv);
$dbh->ct_sql("use $db");      #connect to a database

$dbh_stg = Sybase::CTlib->ct_connect($stguid, $stgpwd, $stgsrv);
$dbh_stg->ct_sql("use $stgdb");          #connect to a database


while(($rc = $dbh->ct_results($restype)) == CS_SUCCEED) {
   next if(!$dbh->ct_fetchable($restype));

   while(%dat = $dbh->ct_fetch(1)) {

      #get the matching row
      select dw_time_key from dimkeys_time
        where date_key="$dat{invoice_dt}"
      ### execute the sql
      while(($rc_stg = $dbh_stg->ct_results($restype_stg)) == CS_SUCCEED) {
     next if(!$dbh_stg->ct_fetchable($restype_stg));
         %dat_stg = $dbh_stg->ct_fetch(1);
         $dw_time_key=$dat_stg{dw_time_key};  #save the dw time key
         #we only want the first row so cancel the rest

  } #end while %dat=$dbh->ct_fetch

} #end  while $rc = $dbh->ct_results