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From: Gregory Riggs <greg at nmia dot com>
Subject: Re: Segfault problem with DBD::Sybase and Apache::ASP
Date: Mar 29 1999 5:28PM


    I'm Sorry, I didn't respond sooner.  I tried using a straight CGI
script and it seems works fine without crashing.  The DBD::Sybase and
Sybase::CTlib modules seem to work fine without segfault crashing when run
from the command line, or as a CGI script.  (When run as a CGI script, it
still uses the stand alone perl intepreter).

    However its when I try and run it using Apache mod_perl via
Apache::ASP or HTML::Embperl that I run into problems.  It must be
something about the mod_perl and Apache::ASP code that is causing a
conflict, where it causes the Apache Server (and perl intepreter wrapped
up into a single executable) to segfault when closing the $dbh connection.

    I'd be happy to try testing other things if anyone has any ideas. 

Thanks again!
Greg Riggs

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, Michael Peppler wrote: 

> Can you try a straight CGI style script to see if that fails too?