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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: CTlib Error Hangs Script
Date: Mar 24 1999 2:38AM

Ellery, Michael BGI SF writes:
 > I posted something about this problem a few days ago.  Since that time, I
 > have put together a test script that verifies (I think..) my problem.  The
 > basic problem is this--a certain error message causes my scripts to blow-up.
 > Exactly where, when, or if they blow up is totally unpredictable, but the
 > blow-up is always preceded by one or more occurrences of the following
 > errors:
 > ---------------------------------------------------------------
 > Open Client Message:  (In msg_cb)
 > Message Number: LAYER = 5  ORIGIN = 3 
 >                 SEVERITY = 4  NUMBER = 2 
 > Message String:  ct_connect(): network packet layer: internal net library
 > error: Attempt to use invalid address handle
 > ---------------------------------------------------------------
 > Here is the test script that I put together -- it basically loops 100 times
 > and tries to set-up 5 simultaneous connections (note that the user/passwd
 > have been commented out).

I've tried this script here (Solaris 7, OC 11.1.1, perl 5.005_02) and
it works fine.
I've also run it on linux (OC 10.0.3, perl 5.005_02) and that works
fine too, so I suspect a problem with either perl 5.004_04, or more
probably a problem with the Sybase networking libraries on the HP-UX

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