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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: dblib connection question..
Date: Mar 24 1999 2:22AM

Narasayya Immid writes:
 > Hi Everyone,
 >     I am using sybperl DBlib to connect to database, as
 > foreach $server (keys % SYNC_SERVER_LIST)
 > {
 > $dbh2 = Sybase::DBlib->dblogin("$user",$user_pwd,$server);
 >   if($dbh2 != null)
 > some action..
 > }
 > The connection is been called in a loop for three sybase servers. If for
 > some reason, one server is down, the above login call aborts the entire
 > program, by giving a 
 > message : DB-Library: Unable to connect: SQL Server is unavailable or
 > does not exist. 

The problem must be in your error/message handlers.

I tried this, both with the handlers and with nothing at
all, and it worked fine:


use Sybase::DBlib;

require '';

my @servers = qw(foo plum nunya kiruna);

foreach (@servers) {
    $dbh = new Sybase::DBlib 'webuser', 'webuser', $_;
    if($dbh) {
	print "Could connect to $_\n";
    print "Couldn't connect to $_... trying next\n";

kiruna (6:20PM):596 > perl ~/tmp/ 
Sybase error: Server name not found in interface file.
Couldn't connect to foo... trying next
Sybase error: Unable to connect: SQL Server is unavailable or does not exist.
Couldn't connect to plum... trying next
Could connect to nunya
kiruna (6:20PM):596 > 

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