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From: Gregory Riggs <greg at nmia dot com>
Subject: Re: Segfault problem with DBD::Sybase and Apache::ASP
Date: Mar 23 1999 4:02PM


On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, Michael Peppler wrote:

> It's surprising that Sybase::CTlib works where DBD::Sybase doesn't, as
> they use the same underlying library.

> Also, if you code the same example with Sybase::CTlib, and include
>       $dbh = undef;
> at the end, do you get a core dump too?

  I just tried this, and yes it does cause a core dump.  It turns out that
Sybase::CTlib is always core dumping also.   I just didn't notice before, 
because the page renders okay with my Sybase::CTlib test, whereas with 
my DBD::Sybase test the page doesn't render, but instead I'd get an 
"Unexpected network read error; connection aborted."  Tailing the apache 
error_log file, I see now that is is always crashing for both libraries.

  With my Sybase::CTlib test, the page output gets sent to the browser 
before the database connection gets closed (and crashes), whereas with 
my DBD::Sybase it is attempting to close the connection (and crashes) 
before getting a chance to send the page.  Adding the "$dbh = undef;"
to my Sybase::CTlib test, causes it to now crash before it gets
a chance to send the page to the browser.

  I guess for now, I will try and keep the $dbh variable in global memory, 
and not close the connection.  

> libtcl.a library). Does Apache::ASP do any network access directly, or
> is it only a module that parses the html and executes bits of perl
> code in the middle?

  I don't believe that Apache::ASP accesses the network directly.  It
does use the following perl modules though:

  Apache, Carp, Data::Dumper, Fcntl, File::Basename, File::stat, FileHandle, 
  HTTP::Date, MD5, MLDBM, SDBM_File, CGI Devel::Symdump 

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, Jonathan Fine (IT- Borders Online) wrote:

> Try putting:
> {
>       $ENV{'SYBASE'} = "/opt/sybase";
> }
> in your script; that's a common oversight.  ("/opt/sybase" above is that
> path to your Sybase intallation.)

   I just tried this but I still get the segfault problem.  I also added 
"export SYBASE=/opt/sybase" to the shell script I use to start the apache 
web server, but still no luck.

Thank You for the help!
Greg Riggs