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From: "Pantera, Joseph F dot " <JPANTERA at gdclaw dot com>
Subject: Sybperl Information...
Date: Mar 18 1999 9:55PM

	I visited the Sybperl website for the first time today.  I'm
interested in a tool to contact Sybase directly through Perl.  Recently,
I've developed some TransactSQL scripts that use isql to dump to a flat
file, which I utilize with Perl5.02.  This interface method, although
successful, has proven to be painful to deal with, and I'd like to have a
means to access my SQL Server data directly via Perl.  I believe this is
what the SybPerl kit affords me.

	I wanted to send off a quizzical "what am I missing" on my HP-UX
platform before I try to embark on setup of Sybperl on my HP-UX 10.20
environment.  In your readme file on setup, you make mention to the
$SYBASE/include/sybdb.h library to identify the DB-Library version.  This
does not exist on any of my SQL Server boxes (all HP 9000 700/800's at HP-UX
10.20).  The $SYBASE/include/sybdb.h library does exist on my NT Clients,
but it is from HP-UX that I plan to do most of my work.  When I installed my
Sybase SQL Servers, I'm pretty sure they came with/and I installed, an HP-UX
OpenClient library set. Otherwise, how else would I be making port-to-port
connections from server-to-server?  Can someone please enlighten me as to
what I'm missing?

-	Joe Pantera

Joseph F. Pantera              Unix, Database & Network Systems
                               Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP
                               phone:  (213) 229-7673
					 pager:  (213) 991-3688
				                   fax:    (213) 229-6673