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From: Gautam Kannan <kannang at ms dot com>
Subject: Re: CT-lib Error halts script
Date: Mar 18 1999 2:54PM

I had a similar problem with DB-lib.
This is what I did to correct that problem.

return INT_CANCEL at the error msg handle.

The problem is that unless the handle returns one of
four values, the process is killed.
The four values are :-
int_exit, int_cancel, int_timeout and int_continue
They are all uppercase.

Best of luck,


Michael Ellery wrote:

> Folks-
> I periodically get the following error from CT-lib when I try to
> establish a connection:
> ------------------------------------------
> CT-lib error: Msg->ct_connect(): network packet layer: internal net
> library error: Attempt to use invalid address handle Layer->5
> Origin->3 Severity->4
> ------------------------------------------
> (as you can see, I have a callback handler to grab these messages.)
> The message itself isn't such a problem but be script basically stops
> dead whenever I get such a message.  It doesn't die and it doesn't
> proceed--it just stops.
> Does anyone have any idea what might be causing things to lock-up?  If
> I happen to get lucky and this error doesn't occur, the script
> proceeds fine.  Any advice is appreciated

Gautam Kannan

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter