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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Out of Memory
Date: Mar 17 1999 1:16AM

W. Phillip Moore writes:
 > >>>>> "Michael" == Michael Peppler  writes:
 > Michael> Yes, nsql() and sql() store the entire result set in memory.
 > Inspired by this depressing statement, I've just submitted a patch to
 > Michael which will enhance nsql() to accept a CODE reference which
 > will be called for each row of data retreived, preventing the results
 > from accumulating en masse in a single array, thus wiping out all of
 > your systems physical and virtual memory.
 > This allows you to say:
 > 	$db->nsql("select * from really_huge_table","HASH",\&parse_rows);
 > where each row will be passed to &parse_rows as a hash:
 > 	sub parse_rows {
 > 	    my %data = @_;
 > 	    # have fun wtih %data, a single row from really_huge_table
 > 	}

Note that DBlib::sql and CTlib::ct_sql have similar functionality (I'd 
temporarily forgotten ;-)

Anyway, Phil's sent me a patch, so this will no doubt be available in
nsql() in the next release of sybperl. (whenever that is)

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