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From: Bill Dossett <bill at bill dot co dot uk>
Subject: datetime funkiness
Date: Mar 16 1999 12:04PM


I've just recently got Redhat 5.2, Perl, Sybperl, and Sybase ASE
libraries to work with M$ SQL server.  I am using the same Perl code
application that I used to use with the old Sybase client libs (pre
release of ASE.)
My first column in my table is a date_time. When I do a select *
however, I only
get a date from this column... the time seems to have dissappeared.  Not
really sure
how that can happen, hence the funkiness.   All the rest of the fields
are correct.

Also I was trying to use isql that comes with ASE, but even though my
interfaces file
is set up, it keeps telling me that it can't find the server in the
interfaces file.
xisql doesn't want to compile with the ASE libs... so I don't currently
have any
way of testing it with something besides my perl app.

Any ideas on what I might possibly be doing wrong would be appreciated. 
I only
do really really basic  SQL programming and I only hack at perl because
I like it,
so sorry if this sounds a stupid question.



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