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From: Bill Dossett <bill at bill dot co dot uk>
Subject: Sybperl and RH 5.2 problems aplenty...
Date: Mar 4 1999 3:04PM


I'm off skiing for 10 days tomorrow and none too soon
as I'm reaching the depths of despair.

I used to use Slackware 3.2 release with Perl and Sybperl.
It worked great, I built systems with it and they worked
well.  Then some bugger hacked my Slackware system, not
very hard to do as it was full of holes, so I installed
RedHat 5.2.  That fixed the hacker however I now can't get
perl/sybperl to work and all my wonderful systems can't
be used.

I have to use MS SQL, that's where the data is.

I have tried both versions of the Sybase client libs,
dynamic and not-dynamic.  The dynamic ones get me
the closest to a working system.   I must admit that
I am totally confused about dynamic and static sybperl
at this stage.  I also must admit I don't really care
as the server is big and fast enough and enough memory
that it doesn't matter at all if it is statically linked.
But I don't care, I just need to get it working somehow.

So using perl 5.005_02, ctlib-linux-elf-dynamic.tar.gz,
and Sybperl-2.10 I can build a new perl, but it segs and
dumps core whenever the line:

use Sybase::CTlib ;

is included.  xisql in the sybase directory builds and
works fine and I can manipulate my MSSQL Server with it
fine... so it would appear I don't have any problems with
the Sybase client libraries.

I have modified the CONFIG file in sybperl to:

EXTRA_LIBS= -linsck

I do

perl Makefile.PL


make test

The tests fail, but a new perl binary is built.
This is more or less what the docs say will happen.
And what happened under slackware accept the new binary
works under slackware and it doesn't under RH5.2.

If anyone could assist me with this, any advice, new
approach... I'm willing to try anything at this stage
as the whole thing has been down for over two weeks now.


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