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From: Michael Ellery <mellery at yahoo dot com>
Subject: Process hangs with CTlib but not DBlib
Date: Feb 22 1999 10:19PM

Sometime last week, I posted a question to the list about a third party application that I need to execute from perl script.  The problem I have is that the process simply stops (sits on the process stack but never consumes any CPU time) when I "use CTlib" but it runs fine (executes and exits) when I "use DBlib".  To verify this, I created two scripts which differed only by the "use Sybase::DBlib" vs the use "Sybase::CTlib" statement.  There are no actual calls to either package so I was just demonstrating that the mere presence of CTlib seems to cause the application to hang.  

I would greatly appreciate some input from people familiar with CTlib and DBlib that might help me sort out what could be going on here.  In particular, what it is about CTlib vs. DBlib that might cause an executable - run from perl -  to hang?  I know very little about the design of the third party application but I have been told by the vendor that it is a very ordinary C++/ X-window application and does not use any database libraries itself.  I have noticed that this application is very sensitive to the DISPLAY environment settings - is it possible that CTlib might be disrupting something in the X-client? IT seems rather unplausible, but I am running out of ideas to try to fix this problem.

Any advice is appreciated.

Mike Ellery

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