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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: problem installing Sybperl 2.10
Date: Feb 19 1999 4:49PM

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Throckmorton  writes:

Tom> Hi, I've been trying to install the 2.10 Syberl modules and keep
Tom> hitting a snag during the "make test".  It fails under different
Tom> make scenarios with the same result (see below).  I suspect it
Tom> has something to do with changes in the dbpoll() that dblib.t
Tom> doesn't handle properly.

Tom> Here's a little background on our install:

Tom> Solaris 2.5.1, Ultra Enterprise 3000 OpenClient: 11 Sybase ver.
Tom> 11.9.2 perl version 5.005_02 Tcl libs?: no Berkley db: no

This is a bug in DB-Library 11.1.1 EBF7883 or later, where dbpoll()
with a timeout value of -1 returns immediately, instead of waiting
until a response from Sybase on any open DBPROCESS is received.

I believe that a case has been opened with Sybase about this (not by
me - I'm a lowly consultant and don't have a support contract ;-)

You can edit DBlib/t/dblib.t and change the dbpoll(-1) call to
dbpoll(0xffff) and that should fix the problem.

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