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From: "Ghyara, Dinyar (Tokyo)" <Dinyar_Ghyara at exchange dot japan dot ml dot com>
Subject: RE: error bcp-ing into a column which does not allow nulls
Date: Feb 19 1999 2:39AM

You were right. I hadnt bound the defaults to the columns.
I just bound defaults to the columns. 

Now I get a different error.
Sybase Error Handler: 
Severity 1, dberr 20074, oserr -1 
insert bulk testdb..testrate
dberr: Attempt to bulk-copy an oversized row to the SQL Server.

this is what the table looks like

 Column_name     Type            Length Prec Scale Nulls Default_name
Rule_name       Identity 
 --------------- --------------- ------ ---- ----- ----- ---------------
--------------- -------- 
 cobdate         GENDATETIME          4 NULL  NULL     0 NULL
NULL                   0 
 rate            GENRATE              8 NULL  NULL     0 ZERO
NULL                   0 
 asofdate        ASOFDATE             8 NULL  NULL     0 CURDATE
NULL                   0 
 userid          USERID              10 NULL  NULL     0 CURUSER
NULL                   0 

these are the defaults

create default ZERO as 0
create default CURUSER as suser_name()
create default CURDATE as getdate()

this is the code snippet that does the bcp bit

# Open data file
open(MLILDAT, "testrate.dat" ) || die "ERROR : Cannot open data file
testrate.dat: $OS_ERR

print STDERR "Parsing data-file & Bulk-copying .....\n";
$bcp = new  Sybase::BCP "sa", "password", "TESTSERVER";
$bcp->config(INPUT => \&getNextRow,
                        OUTPUT => "testdb..testrate",
                        DIRECTION => "IN",
                        SEPARATOR => $OUTPUT_FIELD_SEPARATOR,
                        BATCH_SIZE => 1000,
                        ERRORS => "/tmp/bcp.din",
                        FIELDS => 4);

and this is the file that I am bcp-ing in

sorry for piling on like this. but i think we are missing something
but cant see it. so we hope u guys could help us out.

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Bob Buehler []
> Sent:	Friday, February 19, 1999 6:31 AM
> To:	SybPerl Discussion List
> Subject:	RE: error bcp-ing into a column which does not allow nulls
> You can look at the table definition using sp_help tablex (where tablex is
> the table name). This will show you the columns defined with "not null" (0
> if nulls are NOT permitted, 1 if nulls are allowed). Apparently, it is
> complaining about data for the first column of your table. sp_help will
> show
> you the column name. Then, take a look at your bcp "in" data source to see
> where you have a null value as the first field.
> Hope this helps.
> Bob Buehler
> State of Texas
> Comptroller of Public Accounts
> (512)463-4361
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From:
> > []On Behalf Of Ghyara, Dinyar (Tokyo)
> > Sent: Wednesday, February 17, 1999 7:21 PM
> > To: SybPerl Discussion List
> > Subject: error bcp-ing into a column which does not allow nulls
> >
> >
> > hi all,
> > i was going through the arcives of this sybperl list and i saw that one
> of
> > the members
> > had a problem while using th bcp module. they were getting the error :
> > Sybase error: Attempt to bulk-copy a NULL value into Server
> > column 1, which
> > does not accept NULL values.
> > any ideas on how this was resolved. We are getting the same error here.
> > thanks
> > dinyar
> >