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From: "Chris Jack" <jackc at rabo-bank dot com>
Subject: RE: I need a simple encryption subroutine, to encrypt/decrypt a string
Date: Feb 18 1999 3:39PM

I am not clear why you need encryption. Are you worried about some security 
problem - if so what? What operating system are you using?

Is it the case that what you need is a mechanism whereby you invoke an 
application with a password. Furthermore you do not want people to 
eavesdrop upon that password. If so, how do believe people would do this in 
your environment? If your problem is simply that you pass the password on 
the command line and people can then do process listings to view it, there 
are other mechanisms you could use to pass the password. For instance you 
could invoke the Perl script as a pipe and pass the password on STDIN.

In a more general sense, it is easier to advise on a solution to a problem 
if you give complete details of the problem rather than asking for advice 
on implementing one possible solution.


-----Original Message-----
From:	Steve Allen []
Sent:	Thursday, February 18, 1999 3:11 PM
Cc:	SybPerl Discussion List
Subject:	Re: I need a simple encryption subroutine, to encrypt/decrypt a 

Chris Jack wrote:

> Perl has a function called crypt() that you could look at but that only
> does encryption (why do you need to decrypt?). Alternatively you could 
> PGP off the net. You could also try looking at the secure_rpc routines if
> they are available on your platform.
> It would be useful if you could give a little bit more information about
> what you are trying to achieve. Do you want to force users to access 
> only through applications controlled by you or what?

I need to pass the information between forms ie perl/sybperl script which 
access a
database. Based on selections made it reconnects to the db, currently this 
is passed
on the query string but I need to encrypt/decrypt when I read the variable 
I need to
decrypt it so I can access the database as the user.
A main entry form takes the original password

Kind Regards
Steve Allen.