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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: FreeTDS and Sybase (Re: SybPerl/Solaris2.5.1/NO OpenClient (?))
Date: Feb 18 1999 1:07AM

>>>>> "Ryan" == Ryan Russell  writes:

Ryan> Here's a recent development from the FreeTDS list that would
Ryan> probably be of interest to folks of this list.  It relates to
Ryan> the issue of "what if I don't have OpenClient?"

Ryan> There was a follow-up note from Steve, indicating that we'd have
Ryan> an answer on the order of days rather than weeks.  I'm not any
Ryan> kind of official spokesperson on this topic, just forwarding
Ryan> some info as a list member.

If open sourcing means what I think it means... then that'd be great!
We'd be able to build the client libraries on FreeBSD and possibly
also other OSes!

Keep us posted if you can!


Ryan>                          Ryan

Ryan> ---------------------- Forwarded by Ryan Russell/SYBASE on
Ryan> 02/17/99 12:26 PM ---------------------------

Ryan> Steve Olson  on 02/17/99 07:01:26 AM

Ryan> Please respond to "TDS Development Group"

Ryan> To: "TDS Development Group"  cc:
Ryan> (bcc: Ryan Russell/SYBASE) Subject: [freetds]
Ryan> FreeTDS and Sybase

Ryan> Hello,

Ryan> This is just an update on prior mail discussing Sybase support
Ryan> for Linux and FreeTDS.  Engineering has agreed to provide the
Ryan> TDS spec to you (and anyone who requests it), and has
Ryan> recommended that Sybase proceed with open sourcing ctlib, dblib
Ryan> and jConnect.  The issue is now being reviewed by our lawyers.
Ryan> If they give us a thumbs up, we'll move ahead with this as
Ryan> quickly as possible.

Ryan> Regards, Steve

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