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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: RE: Using sybperl with cgi
Date: Feb 16 1999 6:07PM

>>>>> "Sheree" == Sheree Hemphill  writes:

Sheree> Michael, Well, I am getting closer.  I added the sybase
Sheree> environment variable that you mentioned in your response,
Sheree> however I am still getting a generic "Server Error" message on
Sheree> this script.  It doesn't like something about my foreach loop,
Sheree> when I cycle through the results (again, this is identical to
Sheree> the one that works as a shell script).  I'm not sure if I'm
Sheree> having a sybperl problem or a cgi problem at this point.

The script looks fine at first sight.

I suspect that something gets printed to stdout before the print
header() call.

Try moving the print header() to before the new Sybase::CTlib.
Also, look in the server's error log for any messages.

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