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From: John_Erjavec at cargill dot com
Subject: Re: Using sybperl to automate 11.9.2 upgrade
Date: Feb 16 1999 6:07PM

This is one of the parts where I was having the problems:

=====================START OF CODE===========================

        my $upgrd_message = qq[
        I'm about to upgrade the server with the resource file.  This will
        take a while, but you can't log into the dataserver to check on it
        until the upgrade is finished, or it will fail.  Don't worry.  I'll
        let you know when I'm done.];


        my $upgrade_prog = "$ENV{'SYBASE'}/bin/sqlupgraderes -r$res_file";
        my $upgrade_success = 0;

        open(UPGRD, "$upgrade_prog 2>&1 <&- |") or die "Could not run 
'$upgrade_prog': $!";

        select UPGRD; $| = 1;

        while () {
                $upgrade_success = 1 if /successfully/;

        close(UPGRD) or die "Could not close '$upgrade_prog': $!";

        select STDOUT;

#       my $upgrade_return = qx [ $upgrade_prog 2>&1 ];
#       send_to_both( $upgrade_return );
#       $upgrade_success = 1 if $upgrade_return =~ /successfully/;
        if ( $upgrade_success ) {
                send_to_both("SQL Server upgraded successfully.");
        } else {
                print STDERR "**** SQL Server upgrade failed. ****\n";
                die "**** SQL Server upgrade failed. ****\n";

        send_to_both("Done with sqlupgraderes.");

=====================END OF CODE===========================

send_to_both() is a function that sends a string to a log file and to STDERR.  
When I put the '<&-' (to close STDIN) in the open() call, it seems to work.  I 
say 'seems' because it does get out of the script, but there were problems with 
a database, so I am not sure.  The commented out section hung, and it also hung 
before I added the closing of STDIN to the open() call.  I never actually tried 
system() since I would like to read in the STDOUT and STDERR to the program, and
print it out so that people can verify that things are going well.  I will need 
to do this for the backupserver creation as well, and when I bounce the server, 
I need to close everything, like so:

=====================START OF CODE===========================

        # Shut down dataserver
        $d->ct_sql("shutdown", \&scb);
        $d = undef;

        sleep 15; # Give it time to die

        # Start Server
        $run_msg = qx [ /sybdumps/sybase11/install/RUN_DS_CENTRAL >&- 2>&- <&- &

        sleep 15; # Give it time to come back

        $d = new Sybase::CTlib $login, $passwd, $server, $prog_label;

        # Do more configuration

=====================END OF CODE===========================

Is there a better way to do this, or am I on the right track?  Thanks for the 

John Erjavec V
Cargill, Inc.

______________________________ Reply Separator _________________________________
Subject: Re: Using sybperl to automate 11.9.2 upgrade
Author:  mpeppler ( at mtka-unix-mime
Date:    2/16/99 11:32 AM

>>>>> "John" == John Erjavec  writes:
John>      All- Has anyone had any experience using sybperl / perl to 
John> automate the upgrade process?  I seem to be running into some 
John> problems, using HP-UX 10.20, perl 5.005_02, and sybperl 2.09. 
John> The problems seem to stem from the fact that when I run
John> sqlupgraderes, it shuts down the dataserver, and spawns a new 
John> one.  I have tried using open(), qx[], and ``, but all hang 
John> after the sqlupgrade process is finished.  There is a  
John> process that is the child of my upgrade script, and the parent 
John> (my upgrade script) does not want to continue.  Anybody run into 
John> this?  Anyone have any suggestions on how to get around it?  Any 
John> comments at all?  I've been trying things for a week, and still 
John> no luck.  I need to get this figured out soon, so that I don't 
John> let my part of the schedule slide.  Thanks for any help anyone 
John> can give.
Care to show us the upgrade script? Or at least the relevant portion?
One suggestion would be to use system() to execute the sqlupgrade 
process, and check the return code (as far as I can see this should 
really work...) Or do you call open() to read the output of the 
sqlupgrade process in the parent script? Maybe you need to call wait 
to reap all the children that got spawned, and make sure that you're 
not blocking on some input/output (possibly your in a parent/child 
deadlock of some sort).
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