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From: John_Erjavec at cargill dot com
Subject: Using sybperl to automate 11.9.2 upgrade
Date: Feb 16 1999 5:17PM

     Has anyone had any experience using sybperl / perl to automate the 
     upgrade process?  I seem to be running into some problems, using 
     HP-UX 10.20, perl 5.005_02, and sybperl 2.09.  The problems seem to 
     stem from the fact that when I run sqlupgraderes, it shuts down the 
     dataserver, and spawns a new one.  I have tried using open(), qx[], 
     and ``, but all hang after the sqlupgrade process is finished.  There 
     is a  process that is the child of my upgrade script, and 
     the parent (my upgrade script) does not want to continue.  Anybody 
     run into this?  Anyone have any suggestions on how to get around it?  
     Any comments at all?  I've been trying things for a week, and still 
     no luck.  I need to get this figured out soon, so that I don't let my 
     part of the schedule slide.  Thanks for any help anyone can give.