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From: jlb at spo dot eds dot com (Jeff Buchmiller)
Subject: Re: Sybperl error
Date: Feb 11 1999 6:36AM

> I am trying to use sybperl on a Win98 machine with Activestate perl
> v5.005_2 installed, using downloaded from Activestates site.
> However, when i try to execute a simple script to connect to the database:
> ...

I just in the past 2 days encountered the EXACT problem, except that
I'm on Win95 & WinNT.

We both missed a course in the "obvious" need for Sybase's client-side

I installed Open Client 11.0.2 on the client, and it talks wonderfully
to Sybase 11.0 now.  The only sources for Open Client I've found so far
are the Sybase CD that comes with the server when purchased, or other
products' installation CD's such as PowerBuilde -- any that provides
connectivity to Sybase will include Open Client, since they know you
need it, too.

On Sybase's wonderful web site, I've found this same problem over & 
over, as well as people having multiple DLL's (for example libsybdb.dll)
installed due to upgrading from earlier to later versions of Open
Client.  The PATH sometimes just happens to find the older one, and
it doesn't work with the newer version of the server software.  It's
best to make sure a single and the correct single version of each of
the Open Client DLL's is installed on your client machine(s).

I was surprised not to find that had Open Client
available for convenient download, and that ActiveState's sybperl
package doesn't include Open Client, or AT LEAST a note in the Readme
file.  Other than this issue, I love ActiveState's perl & modules.
ppm is a wonderful module manager tool, too.

Jeff Buchmiller