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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: sybperl vs DBI/DBD
Date: Feb 10 1999 3:50PM

>>>>> "Sheree" == Sheree Hemphill  writes:

Sheree> It's me again.  Since I am just getting started with this, I'd
Sheree> like to know your opinion on which is the best direction to
Sheree> head in.  We are running a single Sybase ASE database server
Sheree> at this time, so porting to various database platforms is
Sheree> really not an issue.  Which is the preferred method of
Sheree> connecting to a database using perl -- using sybperl or using
Sheree> DBI with DBD::Sybase?  As far as I can see so far, they seem
Sheree> to have similar functionality & I was wondering what the pros
Sheree> & cons of each are.  I would like to go the simplest route
Sheree> possible, since I am new to this.  I did notice that the
Sheree> DBD::Sybase driver is only at alpha release, which concerns me
Sheree> a bit.  Anyway, any ideas that people have on this I would
Sheree> greatly appreciate!

I personally prefer to use the native Sybase modules rather than
DBI/DBD, because they offer better control and more flexibility.

A lot of people disagree with me, and prefer to use the DBI/DBD
modules, for various reasons (among others the portability issues, and 
possibly also their own know-how: if they've used DBI in this project
they'll know how to use DBI, possibly with another database, on some other 
project in the future).

DBD::Sybase is alpha because I don't really use it myself, so I
haven't been able to *really* judge how solid it is, or what ugly bugs 
are (possibly) left (I know of a few...).

Anyway - my opinion is that if portability is not an issue then
Sybase::CTlib is probably the right tool. 

But if you ask on the list you're likely to get a
different answer...

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