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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: RE: very basic db connection question
Date: Feb 10 1999 3:35PM

>>>>> "Sheree" == Sheree Hemphill  writes:

Sheree> this worked just fine for me!  one more question on this: i'm
Sheree> not quite clear as to the difference between ct_sql and
Sheree> ct_execute.  when would you use one over the other (ie, why
Sheree> couldn't the "use database" command be passed via ct_execute
Sheree> instead)?  thank you once again, sheree

The ct_execute() call sends the SQL command to the server, but does
not fetch any results. You have to call ct_results() (in a loop) and
ct_fetch() (as in Frédéric's example).

ct_sql() sends the SQL command to the server *and* retrieves all the
results. In my example I was ignoring any results because "use
database" doesn't return any.

But if I was querying the database (using SELECT) I would do something 
like this:

$data = $dbh->ct_sql("select * from sysusers");
foreach $row (@$data) {
    print "$$row[0] - $$row[3]\n";

# Prints the suid and name of each user in the default database...

This is documented in the sybperl man page, which is part of the
distribution, or is available on my web page.

Hope this helps,


>> -----Original Message----- From:
>> []On Behalf Of Michael Peppler
>> Sent: Tuesday, February 09, 1999 4:48 PM To: SybPerl Discussion
>> List Subject: very basic db connection question
>> >>>>> "Sheree" == Sheree Hemphill  writes:
Sheree> Hello.  I am new to Sybperl, and I would like to use CTlib to
Sheree> connect to a database.  I can only seem to find code examples
Sheree> which connect to the Master database, but none which show how
Sheree> to connect to a user-defined database.  Can someone give me an
Sheree> example of the syntax for this?
>>  $dbh->ct_sql("use $database");
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