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From: "Robert Banniza" <hunt127588 at home dot com>
Subject: RE: Linux .rpm ASE question...
Date: Dec 17 1999 2:45AM

	Thanks guy for the help. I got Sybase 11.9.2 running along with Sybperl. I
fixed my local setting by adding an entry in the locales.dat file. It seems
to work great. The only other thing that is bothering me is the fact that
DSEDIT will still not ping my ASE server. What does I need to have running
on the ASE side (in particular) other than have the dataserver up and
running. I installed the sql-remote RPM but have not done anything yet other
than use srvbuild to get ASE up and build perl/sybperl. Anyone else out
there having this kind of problem with DSEDIT? Michael, thanks again. I
think I speak for all of the list when I say we appreciate what you have
done for us.


Happy Holidays

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[]On Behalf Of Michael Peppler
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 1999 6:13 PM
To: SybPerl Discussion List
Subject: Re: Linux .rpm ASE question...

Robert Banniza writes:
 > I have seen a lot of talk about making sure Sybase starts Sybase and not
 > root, but what about installing the RPM packages? Doesn't root have to
 > install the packages in a new install?

Yes, you need to be root to run the rpm -i or rpm -U command.

 > Also, after I build Sybase, I (as a
 > normal user, not the Sybase user) can't even get the ISQL login to come
 > b/c it says the following:

 > Using locale name "en_US" defined in environment variable LC_ALL
 > Locale name "en_US" doesn't exist in your
 > /opt/sybase-11.9.2/locales/locales.dat file

Reading this bit makes it pretty clear. You have LC_ALL set to en_US
(thanks to RedHat's install) but Sybase doesn't know that locale
definition, so it aborts. I would find it more reasonable for Sybase
to issue a warning and default to the 'C' locale, but I'm not the one
who wrote that software :-)

To fix: either make sure that both LANG and LC_ALL are unset, or add
en_US to the list of known locales in the locales.dat file. There's
info on how to do that in the Sybase on linux FAQ, off of my web page.

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