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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: Linux .rpm ASE question...
Date: Dec 17 1999 12:12AM

Robert Banniza writes:
 > I have seen a lot of talk about making sure Sybase starts Sybase and not
 > root, but what about installing the RPM packages? Doesn't root have to
 > install the packages in a new install? 

Yes, you need to be root to run the rpm -i or rpm -U command.

 > Also, after I build Sybase, I (as a
 > normal user, not the Sybase user) can't even get the ISQL login to come up
 > b/c it says the following:

 > Using locale name "en_US" defined in environment variable LC_ALL
 > Locale name "en_US" doesn't exist in your
 > /opt/sybase-11.9.2/locales/locales.dat file

Reading this bit makes it pretty clear. You have LC_ALL set to en_US
(thanks to RedHat's install) but Sybase doesn't know that locale
definition, so it aborts. I would find it more reasonable for Sybase
to issue a warning and default to the 'C' locale, but I'm not the one
who wrote that software :-)

To fix: either make sure that both LANG and LC_ALL are unset, or add
en_US to the list of known locales in the locales.dat file. There's
info on how to do that in the Sybase on linux FAQ, off of my web page.

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