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From: Hrvoje Niksic <hniksic at iskon dot hr>
Subject: Re: Unable to use ? placeholders in DBD::Sybase when connecting to MS SQL
Date: Nov 16 1999 4:56PM

Michael Peppler  writes:

> Placeholders are supported at the protocol level. Sybase started
> supporting placeholders (aka dynamic SQL in Sybase-talk) with TDS
> 5.0. The common protocol understood by Sybase and MS-SQL is 4.2, so
> you're out of luck.

OK.  Additionally, I noticed that you documented the ? placeholders
not to work with MS SQL in your man page.

(For some reason I thought DBI emulates the placeholders if they are
not available, but a better look at the spec shows that this is not

> If I may make a suggestion: use stored procedures instead of using
> SQL straight in the perl scripts. The stored procs can be easily
> tuned, and give you an additional level of abstraction between the
> script and the database, and are pre-compiled (so a little bit
> faster)

I've never used stored procedures before, and I'm not sure how they're
supported by DBI.  But I'll look at them.

Once again, thanks for your help.