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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: CSLib bulk copy routines.
Date: Nov 11 1999 9:25PM

Robert McIlhargie writes:
 >     Is anyone working on or have a Perl  extension to use the Open
 > Client and Open Server blk_*
 > bulk copy routines?

Not at the moment. I have found that the BCP routines in perl are
unfortunately quite slow, and it's usually better to use the bcp
utility with a temp file. You can even avoid having a large temp file
by using named pipes as the file name that you write to from perl and
read from in bcp.

 > I'm aware of the DBLib BCP routines, but I thought I
 > would get better performance if
 > I used CTLib for the connection and set the TDS packet stream to a
 > larger than default size and then use
 > the blk_* routines to send data to the server. Is this correct or should
 > I just use the DBLib BCP commands?

You can get the same behavior with the BCP commands (and you can also
set the network packet size for the DBlib side of things).

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