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From: "Pantera, Joseph F dot " <JPANTERA at gdclaw dot com>
Subject: DB-Library dateloc routine...
Date: Nov 11 1999 3:15AM

SybPerl discussion list:

	I am new to the DB-Library client DB-Library world, and would like
to request your help with an issue we have here.  We have a 3rd party
application here which runs a batch update to my Sybase DB Server.  The
client-side tools were written a while ago, and are 16-bit Windows-based,
thus using W3DBLIB dating back to version 4.2 of Sybase OpenClient.  A
particular part of this application is doing a bcp in of data through a
DB-Library call (as best we can determine).  When I recently updated the
OpenClient piece to more current supported versions (10.0.4 for now) running
this utility gives back the error "The DB-Library routine dateloc is no
longer supported".  When I put the old W3DBLIB.DLL back in place, which is
what the vendor is telling me to do, the error goes away, and the app works.
I am wondering if I have a bigger issue with this utility calling outdated
library calls.  Does anyone out there have familiarity with the "dateloc"
function that this error is pointing to?  This particular part of this
application has a history of breaking every time we upgrade Sybase, O/S,
etc...  I realize this is not a SybPerl question, but I figure there are
enough DB-Library experts out there who might be able to point me in the
right direction.

- Joe Pantera

Joseph F. Pantera      	Unix, Database & Network Systems Administrator
                        Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP
                        phone:  (213) 229-7673
                   	fax:    (213) 229-6673