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From: "Paul J dot Boyes" <boyes at eskimo dot com>
Subject: Installing Sybase Open Client Library before installing DBD::Sybase
Date: Oct 25 1999 6:09PM


I am new to Sybase and am having trouble installing DBD::Sybase on a
machine that does not have a Sybase server on it.  I have installed
DBD::Sybase on machines that have a Sybase server on them and am up and
running beautifully.  

My question:
I am trying to install DBD::Sybase on a Sun Solaris 2.6 machine that does
not have a Sybase server on it.  I wish to connect to a Sybase server on
the network from this machine.  It is my understanding that you need to
install the Sybase Open Client Library ct-Library before installing
DBD::Sybase.  My problem is that I do not know how to install the Open
Client Library and am not sure that we have it on our Sybase install discs
for Solaris.  However, it must be installed on the machines that we are
running the servers on, as I have DBD::Sybase installed and am up and
running fine on them.  My question is, can I install the Open Client
Library files by copying them from one of the machines running the server
to the machine that is not running the server and have it work?

If so, could you please tell me how to do this? Any info you have would be
greatly appreciated.


Paul J. Boyes
AudioBase, Inc.