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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: SYBPERL 2.1.x
Date: Oct 21 1999 5:40PM

Steven Allen writes:
 > Folks,
 > I have been using sybperl for sometime and very pleased with it, however
 > I am really seeing a weird problem, the application I developed is a
 > diary/statistics tool which uses many arrays, during normal operation
 > using top it consumes about 8mb of memory per process, but after about
 > 1hour the application starts consuming anything upto 137mb the users
 > will always be selecting the same criteria why could this be? , I am
 > using sybperl2-11 and perl5.004 this problem leads to the machine
 > hanging as when I have about 10 connections in via the web(apache 1.3.6)
 > all consuming this amount of memory there's very little left, any ideas
 > on how I can resolve this or what could be causing it this effect

I'm assuming that this is via mod_perl, right?

It is possible that your script is creating arrays that get orphaned
and can never be destroyed...

A hack solution is to set the "max request per child" option in
httpd.conf to limit the lifetime of an apache child so that the amount 
of memory each use doesn't go beyond a certain point...

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