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From: Mike Burstin <mikeb at davox dot com>
Subject: Sybperl and 64bit OS/Sybase
Date: Oct 17 1999 9:51PM

I am having some very bad problems running some perl scripts with
Sybperl (I am managing to get Perl to dump core, with SEGVs and Bus
errors).  I think I have discovered the root of my problems, however,
I am not sure how to work around them.  I had been doing a
$dbh->{usedatetime} (forget texact syntac) and that appears to be
causing my problems (I don't need datetime handling in the script, so
could just comment ot out, and everything worked fine).  I _think_
that this is a SybPerl problem of some sort...  My platform is Solaris 
7 with Sybase 11.9.3 with perl 5.005_03 (compiled under gcc 2.8.2 on
Solaris 7).  I think it is SybPerl because Sybase timestamps are now
64 bit on this platform, so I beleive that I am probalby trashing a
32bit memory space with a 64bit returned value somewhere in my code.  

Is there something that needs to be done for SybPerl to handle 64 bit
timestamps from Sybase?  

(some of the symptoms that I had were cores in semi-random places.  I
commented out one function (not Sybperl related) and all of a suddent, 
the script cored in a different location.  I also tried to add a
print statement, and again, cores in different locations.  I finally
tried to do a perl -d on the script, and it would sometimes dump core
in the dubugger, other times, it would not...  This leads me to
believe that I was being returned to a bad location from the call

Michael Burstin