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From: Sean Lally <SeanL at cnet dot com>
Subject: HIRING IN S.F. CA
Date: Oct 16 1999 7:50AM

Hey everyone! We are looking to grow in our DBE group. CNET has 5 DBE's all
of whom have been with CNET for over 2 or 3 years.  We have a 6th who was
recently hired and is very happy and has in fact been promoted to run a
large ERP, SFA and HRIS installation and integration project. The reason our
turnover is low is great mgmt, pay, and options. Our options I am convinced
still have incredible upside potential. 

We need to hire 2-3 more solid Sybase DBE's to work on Content and Data
Warehousing related projects. On the Data Warehousing side we are really
excited to have hired a VP for the group who is considered one of the top
ten Data Warehousing professionals in the country if not the world. 

We have an excellent environment that keeps people for a long time and I
would love to have you check us out. 

You can see details on all of our jobs at  if you
want more info on CNET check out

Hope to hear from you soon

Sean Lally 
Director, Corporate Recruiting 
The source for computers and technology