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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: question on rounding up
Date: Oct 15 1999 5:09PM

Konrad Zak writes:
 > hello.
 > 	with following lines i'm trying to get identyfier value for known to me
 > NAZWA_1 value:
 > $SQL_helpquery = "select ORGANIZACJA_ID from ORGANIZACJA where NAZWA_1 =
 > \"$hashRef{'NAZWA_1'}[0]\"";
 > $ref = $d->ct_sql($SQL_helpquery);
 > and ... perl round ORGANIZACJA_ID=100000...000015 up to 100000...00002,
 > this is "print @$ref->[0][0];" output:
 > 1.00000000000002e+15
 > how can I avoid this? I'll appreciate every advice. best regards.

If you have the latest sybperl I think you can say $dbh->{UseChar} = 1 
to tell sybperl to convert very large numeric values to strings
instead of numbers. The problem you are seeing is that your very large 
numeric value doesn't fit in a 32 bit int.

In general I've found that using identity values beyond decimal(9,0)
creates more problems than it solves, unless you *really* expect to
have a *huge* amount of rows in your database.

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