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From: Pradeep Bhaskaran <bpradeep at rocketmail dot com>
Subject: Re: Help! SybPerl script doesn't run as CGI
Date: Oct 1 1999 6:25PM

--- Pradeep Bhaskaran  wrote:
> Hi All,
> I had recently successfull built and installed a
> dynamically linked version of Perl,Sybperl on HP-UX.
> We have Netscape Enterprise Server 2.0 & HP-UX 10.20
> A. I am trying to access a SYBASE database on
> another
> HP system through perl. When I run the following
> script at the unix prompt it works fine but when I
> try
> to access it from the browser it doesn't work. I
> checked the servers error log and it says:
> *******
> failure: trying to GET /cgi-bin/simquery.cgi,
> cgi-parse-output reports: the CGI prog
> ram /pfact/ns-public/cgi-bin/sysquery.cgi did not
> produce a valid header (name without value: got line
> "
> could not open interface file.")
> *******

I used 
and  it worked. I set SYBASE in the script & that too

However the SYBASE env varible is set and is correct
for the user as whom the cgi script runs. But when I
print it in the script it says "trying to access
uninitalized variable". I even tried running the
script explicitly specifying the user
In both cases I can see the script running when I use
ps -fu username.

So I guess my SYBASE env variable is the problem. But
even though it is set I need to set it again in the
script. I'd like to know how I can set it in the
server cofiguration files in Netscape Enterprise

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