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From: Bernard Harrison <bernard dot harrison at showads dot com dot au>
Subject: Sybperl and Apache's mod_perl for CGI
Date: Jan 31 1999 11:16PM

I am experimenting with Apache's mod_perl for executing perl CGI scripts.
I especially want to access a Sybase database through HTML forms.
Having only just started out at this I am using sybperl the way I have been using
it in the conventional sense. i.e. a script that is compiled, executed and exits from
the perl engine. This is a new area for me.

I find that with the little tests that I have been doing that I accumulate database connections.
as tested with Sybase's sp_who, every time I activate and submit a form.

What I really want to do is reuse the same connection or connections. Presumably I will
acquire at least one connection for each httpd process.

Ideally I would like to design a Perl database Object as a front end for whatever I might want to do
which would persistently manage all database connections.

I don't want  the basic CGI approach of compile-exec-exit for every hit.

I'm not sure what the pros and cons are for other solutions.
Would Perl::DBI be a better option? Or something else alltogether?

For example I tried Micheal's Show.cgi that came with the Sybperl distribution
but running it through mod_perl configured as an Apache::Registry. This accumulated
connections for every submission.

I realise this issue may be off topic for this list. Could someone point me in the right


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