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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: more text questions
Date: Jan 26 1999 9:44PM

>>>>> "Steve" == Wechsler, Steven M  writes:

Steve> Why do dbpreptext/dbmoretext require the buffer size to be
Steve> specified, while dbwritetext does not?  The documentation is
Steve> unclear on this.

The $size param to dbpreptext() tells DBlib the total size of the TEXT 
buffeer that is being sent, and the $size param to dbmoretext() tells
DBlib the size of the current buffer. I realize now that the size
param to dbwritetext() could have been omitted - I could have checked
it in the procedure itself.

Steve> What is the most straightforward way to write text to a text
Steve> column?

The simplest way is to use a regular insert statement using Client

$dbh->ct_sql(qq(insert the_text values($key, "$the_text")));

THis works fine (modulo quote problems).

Otherwise calling dbwritetext() is probably the simplest, altough it's 
by definition a two step process - you need to retrieve the TEXTPTR
which is done internally by dbwritetext().

I don't know if there is any advantage (apart from memory use) of
using a multi-part insert instead of writing the whole buffer in a
single call.

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