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From: "Ezat Karimi"<ezat_karimi at harte-hanks dot com>
Subject: Re: [Fwd: installing sybperl on windows]
Date: Jan 26 1999 8:48PM

     I can't get it to work with latest activestate release either.

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Subject: [Fwd: installing sybperl on windows]  
Author:  Michael Peppler  at ~INTERNET
Date:    1/26/99 11:43 AM

>>>>> "Ezat" == Ezat Karimi  writes:
Ezat> Michael, I know you say in the for sybperl that we 
Ezat> should contact if there is any 
Ezat> problem with the installation. I did that but I have not
Ezat> received any response. I even posted a message on the perl news 
Ezat> group but no luck. Is there any other place that I can help with 
Ezat> the installation?
First - the mailing list has moved to The 
information for subscribing is on my web page.
Ezat> I have problem installing sybperl on my machine (running windows 
Ezat> 95). I would appreciate any suggestion from you.  Thanks, Ezat 
Ezat> Karimi
Ezat> Here is what happens:
Ezat> Writing Makefile for Sybase::BCP Note (probably harmless): No 
Ezat> library found for 'libcomn.lib'
This actually not harmless.
The build can't find at least some of the libraries that it needs.
Ezat> Warning: This extension wants to pass the switch "-prototypes" 
Ezat> to xsubpp.  Your version of xsubpp is 1.0 and cannot handle 
Ezat> this.  Please upgrade to a more recent version of xsubpp.
I suspect that you've got a pretty old version of perl installed. I 
would imagine that upgrading it to the latest ActiveState release 
would help.
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