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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at mbay dot net>
Subject: Re: Selecting charset or language from sybperl
Date: Jan 22 1999 3:45PM

>>>>> "Antonio" == Antonio Vasconcelos  writes:

Antonio> At 13:44 21/01/99 -0800, Michael Peppler wrote:
>> I suspect that IIS and SQL Server is converting the iso8859-1
>> characters to some MS encoding of some sort. I did a quick run to
>> check all the character values/mappings here and the mapping that 
>> is turned into on your second example doesn't exist (Solaris 7,
>> Sparc, Netscape 4.5).

Antonio> Yes, that's my opinion now.  I did an additional test. Using
Antonio> Micro$oft Query with an ODBC datasource to the SQL server I
Antonio> only got the correct chars if I set the option "Convert OEM
Antonio> to ANSI characters".  So a good gess is that the chars are
Antonio> stored in some win or ms-dos codepage (maybe cp850 or cp437)
Antonio> and I must make sybperl do the conversion to iso-8859-1. Is
Antonio> there any way to make sybperl do this automagiclly ?

If the Sybase client libraries *knew* that the server charset was
cp850 or whatever then they would normally perform the conversion
automagically (at least I'm pretty certain they would). In this case
it is possible that the Client libraries don't realize that the server 
is not running in iso_1/us_english locale, and so they don't perform
the conversion.

I'm not sure at all how to force Sybase::CTlib to perform the
conversion, although checking the configuration of teh MS-SQL server
might give a clue.

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