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From: Antonio Vasconcelos <vasco at convex dot pt>
Subject: Re: Selecting charset or language from sybperl
Date: Jan 22 1999 12:01PM

At 13:44 21/01/99 -0800, Michael Peppler wrote:

>I suspect that IIS and SQL Server is converting the iso8859-1
>characters to some MS encoding of some sort. I did a quick run to
>check all the character values/mappings here and the mapping that ç is 
>turned into on your second example doesn't exist (Solaris 7, Sparc,
>Netscape 4.5).

Yes, that's my opinion now.
I did an additional test. Using Micro$oft Query with an ODBC datasource to
the SQL server I only got the correct chars if I set the option "Convert
OEM to ANSI characters".
So a good gess is that the chars are stored in some win or ms-dos codepage
(maybe cp850 or cp437) and I must make sybperl do the conversion to
iso-8859-1. Is there any way to make sybperl do this automagiclly ?

Well, it won't be difficult to do it by hand anyway, I just have to make a
conversion table between the two sets. Thanks God both are 8 bits.

>What is the default character set for MS-SQL server? Do you have any
>localization installed? This *may* also be a communication problem
>between MS-SQL server and Sybase's OpenClient.

No localization. The server language is English (United States), the
"default language" parameter is zero.

>Antonio> b) The data is IN iso8859-1 but sybperl are doing charset
>Antonio> conversion to something different.
>Probably not, unless you've set the locale to something specific on
>the linux box.

Nope, I never touched the stuff... 8-)
The only cfg I did in that field was the keyboard mapping.

>I suspect that I need to add some form of cs_locale() support to
>Sybase::CTlib to allow the user to define the character set that he is 
>using (Sybase::DBlib supports this via DBSETLCHARSET()).

Yup, but I whouldn't use DBlib even if I could.

>You can do some more research on this by selecting only the ç in
>'intervençao' (using substring() for example) and using ascii() on it
>to see what it is stored as. Run this both using an MS client (don't
>know if they have a command line tool à la isql) and using either isql 
>or sybperl (or both) from the linux client.
>This should enable you to find out who is doing the conversion...

I'm sure the conversion is being done by the ODBC driver. I just have to
find what's the native codepage.

Ok, thanks for your help, I'll sumarize latter.

António Vasconcelos - Senior Network Management Support

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